Electrolysis FAQ

Approximately How Long Will Electrolysis Take?

The length of each session of Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dubai completely depends upon the scheduled time of the patient as well as the amount of hair that needs to be treated. For thicker and denser hair, the length of the treatment can be a bit longer. However longer is the treatment period, it is all worth it in the end since it provides a permanent solution.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Abu Dhabi and all of UAE is a simple procedure. Here the hair follicle is perforated by a special probe that the trained electrologist slides along the route of the hair with utmost precision and care. Following this, a small electric current is passed through it. That electric current creates heat and chemical reactions that destroy the hair follicles’ ability to regenerate new hairs. Thus permanently stopping the hair from growing.

Does It Hurt When The Probe Is Inserted?

Pain is a completely subjective feeling and it varies according to the tolerance level of each individual. However, this treatment is not very painful, some might experience mild discomfort or irritation during the procedure. But don’t worry there are many ways to make it an easy and comfortable procedure.

Does It Always Work?

Of course, it always works. That is one of the main reasons for its reputation as the only permanent hair removal method with approval from the FDA. One thing that you should keep in mind is that it doesn’t always completely works on the first try. Like every other beauty and skincare treatment this also takes time and a little bit of post and aftercare.

How Will The Treatments Affect My Skin?

You will experience a mild sunburn effect that will only last for three to four hours after the Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dubai by an expert and certified electrologist. It is recommended not to apply makeup on the skin right away. In addition to that, the usage of skincare products that contain harsh elements can also cause skin irritations since your skin will be highly sensitive after the treatment.

Are There Any Ways To Reduce The Discomfort?

The mild tingling effect or the discomfort usually fades over each treatment since you will get used to the whole procedure of Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dubai. Additionally, you can take medicines to reduce the pain but it won’t be necessary. There are also some out of the box ways to relax and ease the process, that is by listening to music, reading or engaging with anything during the whole treatment.

Are There Any Good Places in Dubai For Hair Removal?

Anns Electrolysis, The Best Place for Hair Removal Dubai stands out from the competition by offering quality and effective service. Your unwanted hair issue is safe in their hands since they have a team of experienced and certified electrologists. They provide friendly customer service as well as custom schedules that make them the best in the industry.

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