How To Get Rid Of White Hair With Electrolysis?

There are always a few fairish hairs on the face that get noticed at the wrong time, especially those annoying little ones. Many people find themselves in this situation at times and wonder “Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?” While unwanted facial hair and body hair can be removed permanently either by laser hair removal or the more effective electrolysis hair removal. White hair cannot be permanently removed in the same way. Since laser lights won’t be much effective on lighter coloured hairs. The only permanent solution in this scenario is to get electrolysis, the most popular Permanent Hair Removal in UAE done by certified and experienced electrologists.

Some Of The Major Factors About White Hairs

The reason for the unwanted growth of white hairs can vary with each individual. In some cases, it may be because of ageing, and in others, it may be because of the fluctuation in melanin content in the body. It is the absence of sufficient melanin which results in hair growing more translucent.

In the case of women around the age of fifty and above, white hairs may grow more on the face, chin, ear and eyebrows for women during their stage of menopause.

Even if you have performed your usual hair removal treatments, due to its lack of pigmentation it is difficult to remove white hairs with treatments like laser Permanent Hair Removal in UAE. Results in Permanent Hair Removal can vary with the type of treatment that you choose. But the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method is electrolysis. Also, it is the most effective treatment that guarantees complete success.

Why Electrolysis Is The Best Method To Remove White Hairs?

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal in UAE from the top electrolysis centres like Anns Electrolysis is the most effective and demanded answer for your unwanted body hair as well as white hair problems. The process of removing white hairs includes,

  • The process involved in the procedure is the passage of current through the hair shaft. Then the hair follicles are destroyed and as a result, hair cannot grow again.
  • It does not matter what colour your hair is because, through this procedure, the electric waves permanently remove it.

All together this treatment is the best option that eliminates white hair permanently with ease and convenience. If you are seeking aid from the best electrolysis centre like Anns Electrolysis in Dubai, they will offer an Electrolysis Without Pain in Dubai along with the maximum possible result.

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