Menopause: How To Not Stress About Unwanted Hair?

The stage at which a women’s menstrual cycle end is known as menopause. Usually, females in their 40s or 50s are the ones that experience this natural biological process. Once you have gone 12 months without a menstrual period you can officially diagnose this phase.

Certain symptoms usually happen before a woman hit menopause. The symptoms that happen during the perimenopause period include irregular periods, sweating at night, mood swings, sleeping problems, hair loss, hair thickening, faster weight gain, slower metabolism and more.

Menopause can also bring about several additional symptoms, such as confusion, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, headaches, frequent urinary tract infections (UTI), weakened bone and muscle tissue, and sudden hair growth in certain parts of the body, such as the face, neck, or chest.

The sudden or increased growth of facial and neck hair during menopause strikes most women as so shocking. Therefore, they are looking for a permanent solution and rush to get an Electrolysis Hair Removal Service Dubai that is likely to result in minimal Electrolysis Hair Removal Side Effects. Thus, they can get back to having smooth, fuzz-free skin they can be proud of.

Why Does Unwanted Hair Appear During Menopause?

As a woman reaches menopause and perimenopause, her body stops producing estrogen. Nevertheless, testosterone is still being produced and circulated. Male secondary sex characteristics can be caused by hormonal imbalances, such as coarse facial hair, also called terminal hair.

It is not necessary to be concerned about this and it’s symptoms, since they are a natural process. In any case, if you notice that your facial and body hair are growing rapidly, you should see your doctor immediately.

What Is The Ultimate Solution To Your Unwanted Hair Growth Problems?

A few of the most common hair removal methods are plucking, shaving, and threading. The same results can also be achieved with depilatory creams and waxing. You have to regularly go through any of these hair removal treatments to maintain a smooth, hair-free skin.

No matter how you do it, whether you do it at home or the salon, you will end up stressed out because this is a time-consuming task. Furthermore, you have to repeat this daunting task over and over again since these methods do not provide a permanent solution. On top of that, the traditional methods of hair removal hurt and are inconvenient. Unlike Electrolysis Hair Removal Side Effects, these hair removal methods side effects include skin irritation, readiness, ingrown hair and bumps.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of your unwanted facial hair permanently there is no better choice than getting an electrolysis treatment from one of the best Electrolysis Hair Removal Service Abu Dhabi that guarantees a great service with zero Electrolysis Hair Removal Side Effects.

By using electricity, electrolysis destroys the roots of the hair. The process of this treatment is by gliding a fine probe into the hair follicles. Then a small electric current is passed through it. This helps in damaging the cells and thus preventing them from growing. Therefore, gives out a permanent solution to your unwanted hair problems.

Now, if you are confused about selecting the best electrolysis centre. Think no more. Anns Electrolysis is the perfect place to go. We offer the best possible service with unmatchable quality to all our clients. With the expert team of electrologists and the advanced equipment we have here at Anns, you are sure to leave our clinic with utmost satisfaction and soft and smooth skin.

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