Steps To Take Before Your Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dubai

You may have researched permanent hair removal and even tried other treatments, such as laser hair removal. After making the decision to go for Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dubai, you have to take the first step in the process by booking a consultation. Even though Electrolysis Treatment in Abu Dhabi is a simple procedure, major electrolysis clinics advise the clients to take some steps before their electrolysis appointment. This is done as a preparation before the actual procedure.

Contact Us For a Consultation

Electrolysis consultations are the first step in the electrolysis process. This consultation will provide an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dubai works. In addition to that, during the appointment, we will discuss any concerns you may have and answer any lingering questions you may have.

Hydrate Yourself

The treatment can be more comfortable if the skin is well hydrated. Furthermore, it is better at conducting electrical currents during treatment. In order to prepare for your appointment, drink plenty of water in the weeks leading up to it, as well as the day before. Also, keep caffeine and alcohol away since these can dehydrate your body and thereby skin.

Let’s Stop Plucking

Before your appointment, avoid short-term hair removal methods. For 2-3 weeks before your electrolysis appointment, avoid plucking, waxing, and shaving. A minimum of 1/8th of an inch of hair above the surface of the skin is needed for the needle to follow the hair follicle and remove the hair effortlessly and without causing any discomfort.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Electrolysis Hair Removal in Dubai can indeed be uncomfortable at times. Pain tolerance varies from person to person and each has a different reaction to pain. Often, electrolysis is described as plucking the hair or a small pinching sensation. Taking an anti-inflammatory pain reliever 30 minutes to an hour before your appointment can help you avoid feeling pain during your treatment if you are sensitive to pain. To help manage any other pain, we also numb the area before the treatment.

If you are looking for the Best Place for Hair Removal Abu Dhabi,Anns Electrolysis Center is the one you have been looking for. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable throughout the treatment and deliver the best Electrolysis Treatment in Abu Dhabi. So please let us know if anything is bothering you.

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