The Three Types Of Electrolysis 

Since the 1800s, electrolysis has been used for patients who have excessive hair on their lashes. Electrolysis for hair removal has developed other types over the years, such as galvanic current, thermolysis, and blend current. These are the three major types of Permanent Hair Removal in Dubai and all of UAE.

Galvanic Current

The galvanic current was the originally invented type of electrolysis. Electrolysis of this type was the first to be discovered. Through the use of a tiny probe embedded in the hair follicle, an electric current is directed into the hair follicle to stop further hair growth. In response to the current, a corrosive solution is produced, called lye. When this solution attacks hair growth cells, they are destroyed.

Salt and water molecules separate during this chemical reaction, causing salt to combine with moisture in the hair follicle to create the corrosive saline solution or lye. This process involves no burning, only a conversion of molecules. In addition to that, moisture both inside and outside of the skin produces better results. Furthermore, the more intense the current, the more effective the procedure.

Electrolysis of this type is not recommended for people with epilepsy, pregnancy, cancer, diabetes type 1, AIDS, Accutane treatment, etc. Additionally, it is recommended to remove metallic jewellery before any treatment and to avoid treating areas with metal implants, patients with pacemakers, or even those who had Botox treatments recently.


It was only in the late 1930s that thermolysis, also known as short-wave current, was established. During this process, a needle is passed down a hair follicle with a vibrating current of high frequency. When the needle vibrates or friction is generated, it creates heat at the tip that dries out the hair follicle, destroying it. There should always be enough moisture in the tissues surrounding the follicle, which acts as a conductor. As a result, the heat level increases and the results improve.

Various methods of thermolysis are available, each with varying duration of application. The method is considered the most rapid. The energy requirement varies according to the hair type. Generally, the stronger the hair, the higher the energy requirement.

Blend Current

Thermolysis and galvanic current are combined in Blend electrolysis. These methods are combined to increase the effectiveness of treatment. As a result of the high-frequency current, the probe warms up the surrounding tissue and enhances the destruction of the lye solution. As a result, the pore opens up more and the lye can penetrate all the open spaces in the follicle, increasing activity. Since the blend method continues to work even after the probe is removed, even stubborn hair can be treated effectively. Furthermore, the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable experience for clients. With the assistance of experts in the field of Permanent Hair Removal in Dubai,you can easily gain flawless, smooth and hair-free skin.

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