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Which Is Better For PCOS, Electrolysis Or Laser?

PCOS is a hormonal issue faced by women due to excess androgen. The specific condition known as hirsutism refers to the appearance of excess hair across the face, hands, legs, arms, and pubic region in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Today the advanced technologies available in hair removal methods and the growing popularity of the Electrolysis Center in Dubai have finally brought some effective solutions to these unwanted and excessive hair growth problems.

But when it comes to cost, semi-permanent or permanent hair removal is extremely high, and insurance does not provide coverage. There are many options available to women to address their unwanted hair growth, including shaving and plucking. However, many women choose to invest in a long-term solution.

The two most common permanent hair removal methods are laser and electrolysis. Concerning laser hair removal and electrolysis, there is a substantial amount of misinformation. Many argue that electrolysis is the only permanent method of removing hair. Let's find out whether laser or electrolysis is the most appropriate option for PCOS hair problems.

Electrolysis Treatment For PCOS

The most popular option that is opted by the majority of the people is Electrolysis hair removal from any of the finest Electrolysis Center in Dubai. Electrolysis is a simple and safe hair removal procedure. The best part is that this is the only FDA approved hair removal method. This process is done by inserting a thin probe right into the hair follicle followed by the passage of a small amount of current.

This whole procedure is done carefully for every individual hair. This not only removes the hair but also destroys its roots and prevents it from regrowth. Since each hair is treated individually, this process takes a longer time to complete.

Unlike laser, electrolysis can kill every active hair follicle. Where laser hair removal can only be marketed as hair reduction since it is not completely a permanent hair removal solution.

While both permanently kill hairs, only electrolysis can be used to treat fine, light hairs, while laser hair removal is effective in treating larger areas, especially for women with pale skin and darker hair.

Laser Treatment for PCOS

When compared with electrolysis treatment, the laser hair removal treatment has many drawbacks. Laser treatment is only effective on pale skin and the immediate result can only be achieved by those with fine hairs. While electrolysis can be successfully performed on all skin types, hair types and skin colours.

Given all that, the most appropriate solution for your PCOS hair problem would be choosing the finest Electrolysis Center in Dubai and getting done with the electrolysis treatment. In that way, you can say goodbye to your unwanted hair problems permanently.

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